August 29th, 2013

A-cero presents a new single family house project in the Caribbean

Today the architecture studio A-cero, led by Joaquín Torres and Rafael Llamazares present a new single family house project located in an exclusive Caribbean Island. The housing, with a total surface of almost 1.500m2, is divided into basement, ground floor and first floor.





This level has an interior surface of around 490 m2, divided into an entrance porch, hall, parking of 180m2 with capacity for 5 vehicles, warehouse, access lift and stairs, an indoor garden of more than 20 m2. The not covered utdoor areas comprise a total area of ​​over 430 m2 where we find different sheets of water (plus a platform), parking access and stair access to the ground floor.


The main access to the house is located on the ground floor, with an inner surface of 285 m2, through the hall next to a staircase, cloakroom and toilet. At this level we find common areas as the kitchen of over 16 m2, (along with a storage room, laundry room and shopkeeper), a living room of about 40 m2 (with a 16 m2 exterior porch) and a familyliving room of 60 m2 (with an exterior porch of over 7 m2). We place also a more intimate area which consists of a 20 m2 bedroom with a bathroom of 10 m2, dressing room and a nearle 5 m2 porch.

At this level we find different outdoor covered areas, formed  by the porchs we talked before and others as the 33 m2 living room porch, a dining room porch of 20 m2, another porch of 14 m2 and a last one of 25 m2. Also in the exterior of this level we find a not covered area of 173 m2, which consists of a terrace of over 22m2, sheets of water at the entrance of the house and its perimeter, and covered sheets of water between the terrace and the dining porch . Finally, the pool has an area of 86 m2.


We propose two options for this level of almost 340 m2. In the first option this surface is distributed in common use areas such as the hall of 27 m2, a study of 60 m2, store, movie theater room of 33 m2 and a 41 m2 game room (with a porch of 10 m2 and pergola in the same area) and private use areas formed by the master bedroom of 24 m2 (21.5 m2 with dressing and bathroom of 16 m2) and a bedroom of 28 m2 with a bathroom 10 m2 . On the exterior we find two sheets of water located in the porch and pergola of the game room.

Option 1

The second option varies from the first on the replacement of the area dedicated to the game room (porch and pergola included) for two bedroom suites of 24 m2 with their respective bathrooms of 7 m2.

Option 2



The whole house has many balconies, porches, terraces and volumes focused on the bay. The water becomes a fundamental element of the house, a protagonist in and out of it, thanks to the connection with the environment through the references to the sea through the numerous sheets of water present at all levels.

The orthogonal design and the volumes combination protect the interior of the housing from indiscrete eyes, becoming a rugged block. The proposed finishes are natural materials like stone in exterior walls, and wood and white natural stone on the facade.

The rear facade is completely open to the sea through the open spaces and large glass panes. The pool is projected into the bay ending in a short waterfall that seems to merge with the sea.

Due to its location, the fusion of architecture and the environment becomes the most remarkable feature.

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Comment from Maria Esther Rodríguez Gómez

Espectacular vivienda, es como una Gran Escultura casi encima del mar. Preciosa me gusta mucho. Felicidades!!!

Comment from Rockabilly Vampire

Técnicamente ha debido ser todo un reto. Sólo la cimentación debe ser espectacular( de costes no hablo porque no vale la pena). Sería interesante saber las determinaciones tomadas en ese sentido. Me gustaría ver pronto un post del proceso constructivo.

Comment from Anonymous

Increíble … Madre mía… No tengo palabras . Felicidades


Cada uno se merece lo que es y lo que tiene. Enhorabuena, por ese magnifico proyecto. ¡¡

Comment from Marcos Decoacer

Increíble espectacular y maravillosa casa en un lugar de ensueño.

Comment from etha geraldine rivera

espectacular, acogedor, muy agradable a los sentidos y estancia, claro! sobra decir que con gran clase..

Comment from Raul

Última hora | Continua grave el manifestante independentista atropellado por un vecino que trataba de acceder a su vivienda en la Meridiana. Medios soberanistas difunden la matrícula del conductor y sus datos personales en redes.
?️Vídeo de la detención:

Es un espacio cómodo pero sin dejar atrás esa elegancia y modernidad que os caracteriza. La limpieza en este tipo de espacios debe ser minuciosa para que se vean bellos, limpios y ordenados.