December 16th, 2009

A-cero. Internationalization

In a Spanish environment like the current one, with an expectation of stagnation of the real estate sector and of urban infrastructures, it seems more than necessary a strategic position in the international, first as a strategy of survival and second as a strategy of growth and business consolidation. This process continued not only by A-cero but by a big part of the big Spanish studios of architecture; this has supposed the constant presence of Spanish architects on numerous international markets and this has been also coming from the Studio that Joaquín Torres manage.

For approximately 5 years, A-cero has developed projects out of the Spanish borders. The beginning of the above mentioned activity was of the hand of the proper clients for whom A-cero was already working, so that A-cero was designated like draftsman of real estate developments in such diverse countries like Morocco, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Hungary or Portugal. Nevertheless, neither this activity, nor the arrival of private clients who straight from the foreigner hired our services, led to an exposition of opening of permanent head offices in the exterior. The above mentioned process begins immediately after the big increase of volume of the projects of the Dominican Republic, as well as consequence of the first award received in international contest of ideas for the development of the Waterfront of Dubai, project of more than 600,000 m2 constructed. From this moment, A-cero was provided with permanent presence in both countries, supporting always and in any case the basic phases of design and production in our Spanish offices.

At present A-cero has permanent presence in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Moscow (Federation Russia) and Bombai (India).

In the totality of the cases, A-cero is provided with local associates, companies of engineering in major measurement, with who A-cero shares the commercial tasks and of design, being these collaborators the managers of contributing the knowledge of the local market and A-cero of contributing the building design in all his slopes (architecture, interior design and landscaping) and the basic works of coordination of the projects.

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