October 8th, 2009

A-cero wins a competition in Murcia

The architecture Studio A-cero that directs Joaquín Torres has gained the project contest for the creation of a building that will lodge an academic centre of formation in renewable energies sources. That competition process was organized by the commission of Education, Formation and Employment of the Region of Murcia.

A complex of 9.000 m2 constructed that there constitute teaching areas (lecture rooms and workshops), library, audio-visual, auditorium, administrative area, restoration, facilities and services and parking

The winning project presented by A-cero, raises the centre as a landscape operation blurring the limits between architecture and free space. The horizontal plane of the plot bends producing a new orography marked by fissures that will be the spaces of access to the centre and exterior spaces of the teaching areas. The resultant geometry north – south looks for the orientation for the interior program. The surrounding one (walls and covering) triangulated specializes and diversifies adopting different solutions as orientation and conditions of use. The idea is that it is possible to cover the “covering” as a park where there coexist green areas (indigenous vegetation and gardens) with areas destined for solar, photovoltaic panels, and other systems of clean energies and energy saving.

It is finally a project of clear commitment of respect to the environment and with high sustainability grade. What the architecture Studio A-cero that Joaquín Torres directs with his collaborating associate Rafael Llamazares, he has betting for years of research and development of ideas that promote this concept of sustainable architecture.

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Comment from daniel

Buenos Dais , me parec muy atractivo e interezante el pryecyo soy estudiante de arqueitectura y me gustaria saber mas de este proyecto ya que me dejaria una enseñanza mas que satisfactoria , desde ya agradecido al 100 % . sain mas saludos….. Daniel

Comment from a-cero

Estimado Daniel,
Muchas gracias por interesarte en nuestro proyecto de Murcia. Puedes obtener más información sobre el mismo en nuestra web: http://www.a-cero.com Muchas suerte con tus estudios! un saludo

Comment from Fiorella

Buenos días, me encanta este proyecto, soy estudiante de arquitectura y mi tesis de grado se trata sobre las colinas, me encantaría que me pudiesen ayudar sobre toda la información de este proyecto, tuve l oportunidad de asistir a una conferencia de ustedes en margarita el diciembre pasado. gracias espero su respuesta. Fiorella

Comment from pantea

I’m a senior student in architecture .At present I’m working on my thesis related to research centers for renewable energies.This project is very close to what I am looking for and it impressed me a lot. Without doubt this project is the best guide for my design and I would be greatly thankful if you could inform me how I can have any unclassified information related to initial studies, project details, plans, landscaping and other similar issues.
With respect

Comment from paneles solares

Todo un acierto la incorporación de placas fotovoltaicas. Es fundamental la transición energética hacia un modelo más sostenible pero siempre con la calidad como base de desarrollo como hace a-cero.

La verdad es que quedarían muy bien unos armarios empotrados a medida.

Comment from Concurso seo

Enhorabuena por ganar el concurso, seguro que vuestro esfuerzo os ha costado.

Comment from BustaSEO

Genial, congrats amigo!

Comment from Alojamiento web

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