January 20th, 2010

A-cero in the Maison & objet – Paris, with Vondom

The exclusive furniture company Vondom has bet for the architecture studio A-cero as one of the protagonists of his stand in the international reference fair in the world of the decoration, the Maison&Objet, which will celebrate from the next 22 to 26 of January in Paris.

Slender and high vases, which seem to be part of the plants that they sustain, with a set of armchairs and a table, will be the A-cero pieces that Vondom will present in the Parisian event, with the well-known designer Karin Rashid and Javier Mariscal works.

It is a furniture collection inspired by the Origami: Japanese art based on folded sheets to obtain figures. Furthermore these pieces of furniture have modular structures that allow to the client to adapt the products according to his needs.

A-cero has promoted his interior design department in the last years collaborating with first level companies in the industrial design field as Gunni Trentino, for which there has been designed two kitchen models, the Italian company Viabizzuno or Vondom that is provided with clients as recognized as the designer Teresa Sapey or the Catalan Francesc Rifé.

“We understand the architecture like everything, like a set that does not limit itself only to the walls because it includes interior spaces, furniture, accessories …”, explains the architect Joaquín Torres, the A-cero’s director.

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Comment from afgm

These pieces are gorgeous!! I really enjoy to see this! At this year it will attend at the Maison et Object the brand Boca do Lobo. They are incredible in fusing old styles with contemporary aspects. Visit http://www.bocadolobo.com and get in love!

“nosotros entendemos la arquitectura como un todo, un conjunto que no se limita sólo a los muros, sino que incluye también los espacios interiores, el mobiliario, los accesorios…”
Esta es la manera correcta de entender la arquitectura…. Belleza exterior al servicio del confort interior.

Son una magnífica fusión.

Comment from Cortinas de cristal

Los muebles de origami son una elección muy acertada como estética moderna, a mi es de las que más me gusta

Comment from suelos de madera

Los mejores suelos de madera que jamás he visto