January 30th, 2013

A-cero designs the Spirit Collection stand for Porcelanosa showroom in Vila-real

The architecture studio A-cero, led by Joaquin Torres and Rafael Llamazares, presents the exhibition stand construction process of the Spirit Collection, located in the Showroom of Procelanosa in Vila-real, Valencia.

Elevation and plan

This is a unique space divided into three environments exposed find all items in the collection Spirit I and Spirit II. These environments are defined by the different finishes on walls and floors, concerning each of the collections, while partitions are created by imaginary lines of light on walls and floor.

The tub Spirit becomes the center of attention and a common element in all spaces. Depending on the angle of the viewer, this will be part of the collection environment dedicated to the Spirit I curve coating on the wall or the different combinations offered by Spirit II collection, reflected in the other two environments, with different coatings wall: stone, in three colors, pixel and wood.



L’Antique Colonial and A-cero share philosophy, aims and goals. All their projects are based on three fundamental points: design, shape and texture. Each item in the collection Spirit of an original idea taken from nature itself.

Parquet Spirit: From six different designs can be created elements in soil, and now on the walls to create a surround environment. By using two different colors (three types of wood) reinforces the vertical lines. Their placement can be switched freely creating numerous compositions.

Stone coating: this coating are created imaginary lines thanks to its relief without having a line marking. Touch and sight follow the sinuous curve that resembles the path of a mountain ridge.

Coating in three colors: the texture key point in this coating. Each piece, each color is formed from rough cut of the stones getting these shades and reflections characteristic of natural stone, which highlights the brightness of each mineral that composes it. All this in a vertical arrangement of parts, which highlights the natural relief of the stone.

Sheathing curve: It is the search for a clean line, sinuous, directed toward infinity, which through a simple form allows us to remember that tranquility.

Spirit Sinks seek harmony of form, exclusivity and, above all, it is a modular element. Water, for its versatility, is the inspiration of these two collections. The sink XS Spirit II is fully modular drawers that can open to one side or another, with the possibility of two different finishes. It is designed vertically and accentuated by the matching mirror design, inspired by the natural fall of water. Is suspended and a sink made ​​of marble or limestone.

The Spirit XL Basin is an assembly of the Nebula mirror, sink and drawer. It is possible to fix it with mirrors of different shapes and with two different finishes: Dark stone A-cero and stone Gloss. The finish of the drawers also available in light wood and dark wood.

Coating pixel: Wanted geometry and volume in a natural material such as stone, arranged as a mosaic, where white and black come together in a mixture pixelated. Wanted in volume composition with relief, thanks a design that plays with overlapping parts black and white marble of different sizes.

We understand that the modulation and composition is key throughout the collection Spirit.

Each of the elements that compose the collections Spirit can work individually, but when combined all get a harmonious result.


The presentation was attended by personalities like Joaquin Torres and Rafael Llamazares studio A-cero, H. Ruiz, T. Alia, C. Colonques, Porcelanosa, Clodagh Desing, J.ventura, Desing Studio Alexandria; M. J. Soriano, chief of Porcelanosa, representatives of Culdesac and EstudioHac, with the mayor of Vila-Real, and the president of Porcelanosa Group H. Colonques, and L’Antic Colonial genrente, M. Inglada.

In this photo we see Joaquin Torres attending the media present at the event.


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Comment from Maria Esther Rodríguez Gómez

ESPECTACULAR Y MARAVILLOSA, No hay cosa que no me guste…FELICIDADES!!!!!!!

Comment from amor poligonero

Dos grandes empresas: A-cero y Porcelanosa. El resultado tiene que ser bueno.

Comment from Xavi Gargallo

Me encanta vuestro trabajo, de hecho os envié unos diseños y fotos de mi cocina, para que me aportarais otra visión dentro de la sección Consulta de nuestros espectadores y no he recibido respuesta.
Ah y apuntaros que Vila-real pertenece a la provincia de Castellón y no a la de Valencia, donde solo la separan 7 km de la capital de provincia, Castellón de la Plana.
Gracias y un saludo

Comment from A-cerocf club de fans de a-cero

Un espacio divino, que bonito todo felicidades

Comment from Ladislao Biro

No está mal pero no me convence tanta asimetría.

Comment from Lola Valderrama Rodriguez

Joaquin os sigo desde siempre!!! me gusta todo lo que haceis…. felicidades por vuestros exitos…

Comment from Antic Colonial

Hola, La empresa donde se encuentra el espacio es L’Antic Colonial.



Enhorabuena!! Es impresionante lo que hacéis, no dejáis de sorprenderme, no cambiéis nunca. Espero llamaros algún día.