December 5th, 2010

3deluxe, transdisciplinary design

We are presenting you to the design studio 3deluxe, directed by the designers Andreas Lauhoff, Stephan Lauhoff, Peter Seipp and Dieter Brell.

It is a multidisciplinary team consistof 40 professionals dedicated to architecture, art, graphic, industrial and interior design. Their top quality works have converted ·3deluxe into one of the best modern design studio of Germany.

Although 3deluxe was founded in 1992 in Wiesbaden (Germany), its directors have opened two offices more in Hamburg and Shangai.

Nowadays 3deluxe´s style is an international icon notable for its virtual projects and original graphic designs that re-define the relation between two-dimensional and three-dimensional spaces. They offer integral solutions that include a lot of kind of creations as sculptures created with the latest technology or architectural projects, but always with a coherent aesthetic.

These professionals are inspired by a new perspective based on the dualism between nature and artificially. In fact, their projects show the current society and the future at the same time.

One of their most famous projects is Leonardo GlassCube (2007).

This building is made of 48 glass panels where the natural context is reflected.

Hill Side House is other important 3deluxe work. It is a luxurious single-family housing with an area surface of 650m2.

También destaca su proyecto residencial Hill Side House. Una lujosa vivienda unifamiliar de 650m2 desarrollada en dos plantas.

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Comment from CESAR RIVERO


Qué gozada cuando a un equipo de profesionales de la arquitectura se les da total libertad de creación para realizar sus proyectos.

Comment from restauração de fotos

es tan hermosa que parece un espectaculo

Comment from economia circular

El interior del edificio es una pasada. Muy buen trabajo con esta infraestructura. saludos

Comment from Aluminio Diseños

Sobre todo me encanta de este tipo de diseños la gran entrada que hay de luz del exterior. Creo que esa es la prioridad en cada uno de estas edificaciones.