April 25th, 2011

A-cero presents a new interior refurbishent for a house located on the outskirts of Madrid

Today the architecture studio of A-cero presents you a new reform project  located on the outskirts of Madrid. The plot has a total area of 3.719m2, where reform has been made ​​outside of the existing house and a complete interior refurbushment. The house has 2 levels, ground floor and first floor. Is on the ground floor which are distribute the common areas. PLOT SECTION ELEVATION GROUND FLOOR FIRST FOOR COVER FLOOR WAREHOUSE AND BATH Outside the house has been built a warehouse – storage room of 60m2, with a quarter of implements for the garden of 21m2, bathroom of 8m2 and a 23m2 storage room. Outside has

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April 23rd, 2011

A-cero interior refurbishment in an unifamiliar house in Madrid

The architecture studio of A-cero directed by Joaquin Torres, presents a new interior refurbishment, both interior and exterior of a house in the northwest of Madrid. It a total area of 2403.80 m2. FIRST AND FINAL PROPOSAL PLOT The project is intended to respond to customer needs in terms of rooms and surfaces.The house is on 2 floors, ground floor and first floor, with access to the same floors by the ground floor, adapting to a low-slope land. From the current state to the renovated, it has expanded three broad areas ofn the ground floor and whole in first floor. At the request of

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April 22nd, 2011

A-cero Project for a modular School in Cuenca, Spain

The architecture studio of A-cero, directed by Joaquin Torres presented the project of a modular school in Cuenca, Spain. The proposal incorporates this new relationship with the city with the disposal of the volume and the program, establishing a direct relationship with the street without compromising the proper functioning of the institute. LOCATION SKETCH SECTION ELEVATIONS SITUATION PLAN GROUND FLOOR PLAN FIRST FLOOR PLAN PLANO PLANTA SEGUNDA COVER PLAN SPORTS CENTER PLAN INTERIOR DISTRIBUTION OUTSIDE Inheriting the array of the industrial facilities near the complex is organized as

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April 21st, 2011

A-cero presents A project for an hotel in Iraq

CROQUIS The architecture study of A-cero-,  presents a project for a hotel in Iraq. It comprises a total of 18 levels, which are located restaurants, shopping,cafes, banks, apartments and rooms. All in a total area of 61.107m2, which are located 313 rooms and 164 apartments. SKETCH ELEVATION CROSS SECTION LONGITUDINAL SECTION REAR ELEVATION FRONT ELEVATION BASEMENT PLAN This level has a total area of 3.400m2, in which there is a large parking 1.550m2, l6-quarters of facilities between 20 and 80m2, 150m2  large kitchen, laundry, 2c hanging rooms for workers, 8 lifts , lobby and reception of 70m2. FLOOR PLAN This level has a total area of 3.423m2, which is distributed 180m2 main lobby, luggage room, restaurant, coffe bar, kitchen, bar, reception, 7 breakout rooms,laundry, 9 stores, reading room, Pharmacy, 3 lobbies, conference room, 4 offices and 8 rooms of 50 to 70m2. FIRST FLOOR PLAN

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